Sunday, July 12, 2009

I’ll be back!

To all of you who have almost given up on this blog because of the long inactivity, let me tell you what happened.

Only three letters.


Yep, I finally got into a PhD program and am stuck with this thing called ‘coursework’ down south in Bangalore away from my favourite Northeast India. The last few months have been spent far, far away from the field. Thus was the full-time biologist torn apart from his intermittent notes in the field.

But I’ll be back. Or as that joke about Arnold Schwarzenegger goes.. (all the action heroes in Hollywood were asked which classical composer they wanted to play in a new movie. Stallone and Bruce Willis chose Mozart and Beethoven respectively. Schwarzenegger made the obvious choice. “I’ll be Bach” he says.)

The only trip in the last few months was to Agumbe in the Western Ghats. It lived up to its reputation of being one the wettest places in Karnataka. Here’s a picture from the view point in Agumbe after a night of rains. You can almost see the Arabian sea and the city of Udupi in the distance!



ASH said...

Hi Anirban! Just wanted to know if you are related to Rajdeep Datta Roy from Kal? My email is Your blog is interesting. Keep at it,

Dawgmatix said...

Hi Ash,
Sorry I don't know Rajdeep.. Thanks for visiting the blog and the encouragement. Do keep visiting!!